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JinLiuJiao® Also known as riveting nut pull cap, rivet nuts, fall within the threaded fastener for riveting sheet, pipe, profiles, castings, plastics, etc., as “gospel sheet coupling process.” It has changed the old way of traditional craft, in when installing the sheet metal parts, no internal threading, no soldering nuts, the installation process, rivet nut screw pull riveting gun nut, rivet nut so that deformation of the workpiece clamped together. After installing and connecting bolts with other artifacts. It has a strong, beautiful, convenient, fast characteristics.

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  • Faster setting

    Less time, lower costs. Jinliujiao rivet nuts  are the economic joint solutions for thin-walled components.

  • One-side assembly

    Simple blind assembly. Often the only solution for hollow bodies, housing or components with limited access just from one side.

  • Highly versatile

    Perfect for every stage of production. No reworking required after insertion, even with already coated or painted parts.

  • No thermal stress

    Unlike with weld nuts, the workpiece is not impaired by heat.

Rivet Nuts

Rivet instead of weld

Jinliujiao rivet nuts and studs offer versatile solutions for fastening resilient nut/bolt threads to thin-walled components. They are very easy to process in all metal materials, plastics and even in ceramic components. The process is particularly safe since neither harmful steam or gases emit nor does a risk of burning exist.

Setting using the example of the spindle stroke process

(1) Spin on

(2) Insert

(3) Upset

(4) Spin off


Jinliujiao rivet nuts are made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. The materials we use offer excellent plasticity in the compression zone – with optimal resistance to twisting. Jinliujiao types, made from standard stainless steel, use A1 or A2 austenitic steel with 18% chromium and 10% nickel.

Benefits of the materials

  • Steel: our standard
  • Aluminum: lightweight, corrosion-resistant
  • Stainless steel: resistant to corrosion and temperature

Versatile versions

The right model for every application.
With the different versions of RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts and RIVSTUD® blind rivet studs.

Head shapes
Flat head, countersunk head and extra small countersunk head

Shank ends
Open and closed

Shank shapes
Round and plain, round and knurled, hexagonal shank and part hexagonal shank