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JinLiuJiao® blind rivet from the rivet body and a mandrel composed of two parts, is a kind of one-sided riveting with rivets, but must use a special tool – Riveter (manual, electric, pneumatic) is riveted.Such rivet is particularly suitable for the inconvenience ordinary rivets (to be riveting from both sides) riveting occasions, it is widely on the construction, automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft, machinery, appliances, furniture and other products used.

  • Sided riveting, fast installation

    Only the blind rivet is inserted from the side of the workpiece riveting, can be connected to a plurality of workpieces together, improve the speed of installation, installation efficiency, lower installation costs.

  • The wide grip range, reduce inventory control

    A structural blind rivets or blind rivets typically replace multiple standard fasteners, riveting thickness can vary widely workpiece can reduce inventory, simplify inventory management.

  • Riveting solid, good consistency

    Unlike the blind rivet threaded fasteners susceptible Niuchu, the mandrel on the breaking point with pre-designed operator skills unrelated to ensure stable, accurate, reliable, high-intensity installation, provide a seismic connection.

  • Fill drilling, seismic resistance

    Unlike blind rivets loose threaded fasteners vibration-prone, shedding radial expansion rivet body may be filled with large, irregular, have grooves, dislocation of mounting holes, can also provide high strength, vibration resistant connection.

Blind rivets Setup

Installation tools TYR series pneumatic rivet gun Case

  • The rivet mandrel inserted into the mounting within the tool tip, rivet installation tool automatically adsorbed on gun head.(※*should be properly installed and the drawn blind rivet gun to match the nose assembly)
  • The blind rivet is inserted riveting workpiece mounting hole. Blind rivets should be perpendicular to the surface snapping riveting, riveting piece should not be a gap between. During operation, the non-tilt installation tools, in order to avoid the mandrel bend, resulting in incorrect riveted.
  • Press the trigger, installation tools crawl the mandrel to move the mandrel body embedded riveting, riveting deformed radially expanded to form a powerful, compact, reliable connection. When the mandrel carrying tension reaches a preset breakage force, the mandrel breaks at the breakpoint. Release the trigger, broken nails nail is automatically collected by suction cup, riveting is completed.

Blind rivets abnormal operations

The following cases, do not operate the tool, so as not to lead to failure riveting

A: Installation tool is not perpendicular to the surface snapping.

B: between rivet and riveting piece brim gap. & nbsp;

C: there is a gap between the workpiece riveting.

Riveting question

A: Flying Stud

B: Stud subsidence

C: broken nails exposed

D: Pull wear rivet body

E: broken nails body (not on a breakpoint mandrel break)

F: rivet body fracture

G: from drums insufficient / caulking loose


Step 1: Use the red bar, withdraw the mandrel.

Step 2: Use the drill, drill under the brim.

Step 3: Use the red bar, withdrew the remaining rivet body.