Business story 8, Very important person

In the process of upgrading and transformation of Jinliujiao company, we has given up many small customers who have cooperated for a long time, some of them may have long-term maliciously delayed payment for goods, or the order is too small and too complicated, which is not conducive to production arrangement. Perhaps some enterprises will choose to continue to accept those small orders and customers, thinking that mosquito legs are meat, but we choose to terminate the cooperation, wholeheartedly serve VIP customers.That annuity 60 cent created the new history that annual income exceeds 10 million, client collaboration also is compared before relaxed and smooth a lot of.

We focus on producing precision quality punches and accept the order of special-shaped punches.

It is a real experience, which we met with the fastener customer who purchased fastener tools ever in exhibition. At first, we did not know their company, just hoped to put some JLJ brochure in their booth to expand our public effect. Once they browsed our brochure, they said JLJ has professional skills. We should have said thank you to their compliment, while they mentioned we had cooperation with each other, but later we refused to provide tools for them because of small order, which they implied that we disdained to cooperate with small customers. We smiled at each other, exchanged brochure an left. I thought this former customer should be one of the customer s who was refused to cooperate any more. THey did not forget to laugh former supplier at the exhibition. It is estimated that the cooperation will be made difficult and even dragged down.

We focus on producing precision quality main dies,special-shaped tungsten carbide dies and trimming die and accept the order of special-shaped tungsten carbide dies.

Strategic and managerial decisions are important, especially for enterpise being bigger and stronger. It need to look for our very important person, rather than focus on small immediate benefits.

We focus on producing precision quality punches and accept the order of special-shaped punches.